Health and Safety

Our team here at Cladding London has set safety as our top strategic priority and our company standards are often higher than those set by regulatory bodies.  All of our employees work hard to ensure that our work sites exceed all the executives safety regulations.  This ensures that the safety of all our workers, our client’s employees and their property are well protected.

At Cladding London we have instituted a top down and bottom up commitment and involvement in our safety program which instills a positive attitude in our everyday work practices.

We have a hghly developed, dedicated Health & Safety Team that have created comprehensive safety programs and practices.  They provide regular training and education, and monitor our work sites to ensure that our employees work in compliance with all of our safety standards.

Cladding London realizes that safety is more than just policies and procedures.  Safety comes alive when our leaders, managers, supervisors, foremen and workers all take ownership of safety by leading through their examples.  We believe that this is the way that we will truly achieve and maintain a “Safety Culture” within our workforce.


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