Design Assist Program

Every mm counts

Our Design Assist program includes assistance in the development of cladding project details and product specifications, utilizing industry standard product performance data and relevant cladding industry engineering standards. Our primary focus would be to maintain both the construct-ability and adherence to the cost parameters of all elements within our scope of work. With this in mind our proposal is based on shop drawings being generated concurrently with the design development process in order to allow for submission to coincide with the final approved design.


Cladding London


Budget Development

  • Work with the owner/developer to establish a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for our scope of cladding works.

Value Engineering

  • System and detail simplification
  • Cost saving evaluations
  • Product options
  • Scope revisions

System Detailing

  • Design assistance and application of project specific primary and secondary framing systems
  • Anchor details and anchorage point recommendations
  • Engineering analysis and structural recommendations

Product Selection

  • Glazed framing systems and infill options
  • Architectural panel framing systems and options
  • Roofing systems and options
  • Cladding London maintains strategic partnerships with some of the industry’s most respected systems manufacturers.

Simplification of Interface Conditions

  • Air and vapour barrier continuity
  • Termination detail recommendations at work by other trades

Schedule Development

  • Sample submissions
  • System testing
  • Shop drawing, material procurement, fabrication and installation scheduling

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