Preventative Roof Maintenance

Your roofing system may comprise 30% of your total building envelope, but it’s protecting 100% of your assets. Your business operations, contents, staff and tenants are protected by a critical component of your investment: the roofing system. Whether you’re storing valuable inventory, equipment or assets, or running a small business, a roof leak is a costly affair. Our cladding London  Guardian Preventative Maintenance Program can help you save money over the life of your roof.

Well-trained service technicians inspect the roof, prioritizing and repairing distresses based upon severity. Documentation of the service work is provided with the invoice, along with digital photographs.

With our Preventative Maintenance programs, there is no inspection report and no audit fee. Your preventative maintenance expenditure goes directly to repairs. You pay only for the time and materials charged to the job for a predetermined cost limit.

Prevent and avoid:

  • Costly emergency or crisis repairs
  • Costly business downtime and clean ups
  • Product damage
  • Unsafe and unhealthy working conditions
  • Building structural damage
  • Interior finish damage
  • Compromising your roof’s warranty