Removal and Replacement of ACM Panels – Cladding London



In light of the current situation surrounding buildings with combustible ACM Cladding, we are now offering an express removal service.

We are now also offering an express balcony service installing solid metal soffits to mitigate any transfer of fire from one balcony to another.

In summer, the ventilated cladding provides the building with a natural thermal shield, which protects against heat gain from direct solar radiation. The constant ventilation keeps an ambient temperature within the cavity on the external side of the insulating panel.

A ventilated fa├žades has the additional benefit of providing the walls of the building with a high thermal inertia, which is the ability of the wall material to conduct and store heat and make optimum use of both cold and warm climates. In summer, this results in the form of a retarded heat wave, so that solar heat stored inside the external wall travels slower. This means that during the day, heat will penetrate through the internal walls at a reduced rate, giving cooler internal temperatures. At night time however, when ambient temperatures are lower, the rooms are gently warmed by the stored heat.

In winter, the opposite effect occurs when heat within the building is stored for longer and the length of the external walls cooling time is increased. The final result is a more even temperature range, adding comfort and wellness inside the building where a type of a permanent micro climate is produced.

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