Architectural Cladding Metals

Over the years, architectural projects have become more and more complex, but one thing has remained the same: designers and architects turn to Cladding London  for top-quality, innovative products. Our custom and standard architectural metal profiles allow you to make your design concept a reality, whether it incorporates a complicated zinc tile pattern or a copper dome. We offer roof and wall systems in aluminum, zinc, copper, stainless steel, titanium, and more. Browse our selection, and find the perfect product for your building.



Composite Wall Panels

The composite aluminum material currently used in building construction actually has its origins in the aerospace industry. It was specifically developed to offer superior strength in a lightweight sheet product.

Composite aluminum sheets consist of 0.5mm thick aluminum skins over a thermal plastic core. The total sheet thickness is 4mm. The core is either polyethylene (PE) or a specially formulated fire retardant polymer (FR) meant for non-combustible applications.

The primary features of composite material are:

  • Superior flatness
  • Colour consistency

The colour is consistent from sheet to sheet because the coating is applied in a continuous line process in the factory, before the panels are fabricated. Colour consistency is of particular concern where large façade areas are to be clad or where metallic finishes are specified.

A wide range of standard colours are available. Custom colours and some exotic metal finishes can also be specified.


Preformed Insulated Panels

Preformed insulated panels consist of prefinished galvanized steel facings chemically bonded to a continuously foamed-in-place core. The core provides thermal insulation, while the durable steel skins supply impact resistance, strength for increased span capacity, and a built-in vapour barrier. The panels have a tongue-in-groove joint that has a factory applied caulking to maintain the seal across the building façade. This unique construction reduces the time and cost associated with installation, as well as the cost of support steel.

These panels are suitable for both architectural and industrial type applications. They can be installed vertically or horizontally, and come in a variety of standard colours and finishes, from flat to striated and planked.

Metal Roof and Roof Deck

Over the years, we have installed steel roof deck across the UK – literally – on complex industrial plants, hospitals, financial institutions, shopping malls, and more. Our experience in designing and installing steel roof and floor decks has strengthened our core business; we provide faster deliveries, and unmatched installation productivity rates. Our range of profiles and gauges ensure that we deliver a product that meets design and budget specifications without compromising our standards for quality.


Metal Wall and Roof Cladding

We have tackled projects from movie theatres in the North to horse shed roof’s in the south and everything in between. Our wide variety of profiles, fasteners, and colours ensure design flexibility.




Plate Wall Panels

Plate wall panels are fabricated from monolithic sheet metal. Normally this would be 2mm or 3mm thick aluminum, but they can also be made from stainless steel, copper or zinc. They are, by their nature, non-combustible and, as such, suitable for all types of construction.





Speciality Products

Sometimes, a project comes along that requires something a little different. And because we’re dedicated to providing products for the entire building envelope, we’ve included specialty items among our architectural products. In addition to architectural metal panels, curtain wall and glazing, we offer products that often prove vital to the designer’s vision and can be difficult to find. Even better, our specialty products often enhance the functionality and “greening” of your building.

Take a look at them now, and see how we can make your design vision a reality.