Metal Roof And Wall Cladding


For over 5 years, Cladding London  has installed and top quality metal cladding for clients across the country. As London’s premier installer of un-insulated and insulated metal cladding systems, we have taken on projects from Horse sheds in rural areas to swanky hotels in the West end and everything in between. Our wide variety of profiles, fasteners, and colours ensure design flexibility.

With rising prices of metals across the globe, decision regarding products need to be carefully considered and the weighed up against all underlying factors, ie: longevity, application and maintenance. That being said, every day new products an design techniques are being developed daily, this along side competition in the market place can lead to great savings if purchasing from the correct suppliers. Here at Cladding London, we believe we can assist with these very important decisions, prior to the order processing of materials.

Roofing and Cladding may seem to be two differing processes, but actually the design and installion are very similar. it has become clear to us here at Cladding London that this industry will continue to evolve daily, and to stay ahead of this evolution will require a vision to embrace swift change or be left behind. This vision alone can only help us in our goal as a premier installer of all things Cladding.



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